Responding Together
Morgan Foods Since we canned our first tomatoes in 1899, the Morgan family has cherished our dedicated team members, and the role Morgan Foods plays in the Scott County economy. Our people make the best soups, broth & beans in America. Day in and day out, they bring the word “Quality” to every dimension of our business. We owe them our best effort, for their best effort.

Six months ago, we never could have imagined being declared “essential infrastructure” in the midst of a worldwide Pandemic. But we have faced major challenges before, and we will defeat Covid-19, together, while maintaining our critical role in the nation’s food supply chain. We take our responsibility to our fellow Americans, and to our team members seriously: “Great food and a safe work environment.” To that end, we are working closely with our Teamsters partners, Scott County and state public health officials, the FDA, and CDC to ensure our people are cared for and our products continue to be produced and shipped to grocery stores in compliance with the highest standards. Specifically, we are doing the following:

Team Member Safety and Stability:
  1. Working with an Indiana State Department of Health strike team to test Morgan Foods employees for Covid-19.
  2. Everyone who tests positive, or has previously, will receive up to two weeks pay.
  3. Every team member’s and visitor’s temperature checked as they enter our facilities.
  4. Social distancing is being strictly monitored and implemented within applicable FDA guidelines.
  5. Disinfectant wipes (bleach-based and alcohol-based) are being provided at workstations and throughout the facilities.
  6. Face masks and eye protection are provided to everyone. Use of both is being strictly monitored.
  7. All work surfaces, restrooms, break areas are being thoroughly cleaned/disinfected each day.
  8. Meeting regularly with state and local health departments, our people and Teamsters representatives for suggestions on how we can meet applicable safety standards.
  9. Each employee will receive a $300 bonus, in recognition of the difficult times we are working through, together. We recognize they may have short-term expenses for their family’s health and well-being.
  10. As the FDA and CDC learn more about Covid-19, and evolve their guidance, Morgan Foods will comply with all new guidance.
  11. We will protect the privacy of our team members as directed by federal and Indiana law.

Product Safety and Quality:
  • We are following, as a minimum standard, and often exceeding, the FDA’s Interim Guidance on responding to the Covid-19 crisis for food and agriculture businesses.
  • We are complying with, and often exceeding, the CDC’s Interim Guidance for Business and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019.
  • We are keeping our customers informed daily on our response. As the FDA and CDC learn more about Covid-19, and evolve their guidance, Morgan Foods will comply with all new applicable guidance.

The Morgan Family is committed to continuing our long tradition of producing the best food products and employing the best workforce in America. We are proud of our record, and look forward to helping our team members, our community, and our nation through this latest historic challenge to our ingenuity and our determination.

There is a saying, in Spanish, “Juntos Podemos.” “Together We Can.” Together we will overcome Covid-19 and thrive on the other side of this disease.